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Pet Week-Lessons and Resources

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Did you know that it is Be Kind to Animals Week?  Once again I have used my trusty “A Year Of Hands-On Science” book to help guide our lessons for the week.  Today I’m sharing what we did with my tots, K5 students, and soon to be second graders!

Here is a glimpse of our day with our friends.

First up is a story written by my upcoming second grader.  In a recent post I wrote about our homeschooling schedule.  In the afternoons while my two younger children rest, my Princess (age 7) uses this time to create.  Last week she wrote a book about her dog.  Today she read it to the class!  It was perfect for our pet day!





My tots worked really hard on Carisa’s Tot School Letter C printables.

Coloring the letter C’s.

pet weeks3


Cutting out the cats.


pet weeks5


Coloring the cats.  Of coarse, with my 3.9 year olds, I read the color words for them to color.


pet weeks6


Coloring the objects that begin with the letter C.


pet weeks7 pet weeks8


We also got out the alphabet puzzle while waiting on the older students to finish their work.

pet weeks9


To go along with our cat (pet) theme I also used Carisa’s printables for my K5 students.

Write the missing number.

pet weeks4


After we discussed how to take care of our pets, we wrote up a survey.  We visited a few of our neighbors and asked them about their pets.  What kind of pet?  What does your pet eat?  Where does your pet live?  This was a great activity to practice speaking skills.

pet activities1

We found out that one of our neighbors feeds her dogs omelets for breakfast and chicken breasts for dinner!

To end the day, we used a little technology to reinforce what we learned about pets.  Brainpop is a top-notch computer site that teaches math, science, and social studies.  It is not a free site, but I highly recommend it!

pet activities2

After watching the little educational movie about pets, we used the drawing section to draw a picture of the type of pet we would like to have.  Can you believe that all 6 students wanted an unicorn?

pet activities3

Pets and animals are always a great theme to teach with young children.  There are a lot of science concepts that can be taught through these themes.  We love our pets at LLCS!
I was featured for Tot School!

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